The French P’tits Lutins Basel child care center accomodates 28 children from the age of 3 months to 6 years.
They are divided into two age groups: „the babies“, „the toddlers“ , "the walkers" and "the explorers". The children will be supervised by a coherent, open, convivial and motivated staff. The direction is reguarly organising trainings for the staff in order to improve the skills. The child care center opened in 2007, at that moment it was the only French speaking center. 

We are open the whole year, we only close at Christmas and on Swiss holidays. 

« Les Explorateurs »

For the children from 4 to 6 years who attend a “Kindergarten” near our center.

Please contact us by mail.

The spaces are spacious, comfortable and reassuring equipped with a highly performance security system. 

The goal is to protect the childrens’ wellbeing while respecting their needs, rhythms and rituals and by encouraging their awakening, autonomy and socialisation thanks to different activities and games.

The Margarethen Park is not far from our center. We often go to the park to play, eat and play music. We also go to the zoo, swimming pool and farm.

Music is very important in our center, a professional musician comes to our place 4 times a week. Singing, playing, dancing and relaxing are very important for the chlild's development. 

German lessons are held twice a week. 

We have got few vacancies, please send an e-mail for further information!