Admission modalities

Necessary documentation 


Child’s arrival and stay

First encounter

At the moment of the enrollment the parents and their child are invited to visit the child care center stucture and to meet the staff. At the same time they will make an appointment for the progressive welcoming of the child (30 minutes adaptation session).

Progessive welcoming

For the purpose of assuring the best child-parents separation possible, we offer a progressive welcoming: this will also facilitate the child’s adaptation within the child care center. This welcoming will be adapted in function of each child and his family’s needs.

The child’s stay

The people who bring the child to the center are requested to accompany him to his own section, take his outdoor clothes off, fill in the daily contact form and make sure that the child is taken in charge by the team.


The child’s kit

Each child is supposed to have: 



The meals and snacks are provided by the child care center at the cost of CHF 12.50  per day.

At the age of 18 months ("toddler group") the meals are included in the monthly fee. 


Medical examination and illness

The director or the nursery assistants commit to welcoming a slightly ill child but reserve themselves the right to: 

We do not accept children affected by: 

Any contagious illness which is affecting the child’s siblings has to reported.



The rates and payment modalities will be fixed by the director of the child care center: 

Rate babys : CHF 2200 per month,  full time, CHF 1450 per month, half-time

Rate "toddlers": CHF 2400 per month, full time meals included, CHF 1650 per month, half-time meals included

Rate "walkers": CHF 2500 per month, full time meals included, CHF 1750 per month, half-time meals included

Rate "explorers": CHF 1650 per month, 5 days per week, meals and activities included, Day care during the swiss school holidays included.

CHF 380 per week for daycare during the swiss school holidays.

We are closed at Christmas and New Year's Eve (2 weeks) for all the groups and 4 weeks more for the explorers' group (summer and spring).

Admission fee: CHF 450 

In case of absence (i.e. holidays and sickness) the parents have to pay the monthly rate without any deduction. The meals being included in the rate, we do not deduct them either. In case of longer absences due to sickness or hospital stay please contact the director.

List of prices

Our bank account :

Migros Bank AG, 8010 Zürich

to the benefit of Verein Kinderkrippe Ptits Lutins

IBAN :  CH57 0840 1016 1916 7850 7


Fees for non-payment of invoices

1st reminder : CHF 100

2nd reminder : CHF 200


Expulsion and changes

The parents agree to: 

It is particularly requested to signal any unexpected absence of the child from the center. 


Parental responsability

In the parents’ presence:
The child is placed under the center’s responsability at the moment he is handed over to the caregivers. He remains under his parents’ responsability upon their arrival and during the parents’ presence at the center.


The director of the center may decide for a child’s expulsion (in the event of failure to comply with the internal regulation on the side of the parents, shortcoming or late settlement of bills, repeated absences).


It is essential that any change is signalled to the center: concerning the parents, any change in address or telephone number; concerning the child: diet, illness, vaccinations, disturbances (sleep, alimentation..).

Child’s departure

In case of departure it is compulsory to inform the center about the interruption of the child’s stay through registered mail 3 months before the date of departure.