Each child has his own rhythm! Smoe children mainly sleep in the morning, others in the afternoon. We will respect their rhythm to the maximum: the child’s balance depends on this respect!

For the babies: the rooms is equipped with 10 cribs (from 2 to around 18 months).

For the toddlers: the room is equipped with 10 cribs (from 18 to around 2.5 years).

For the "marcheurs": 8 foldable beds (from 2.5 to 5 years). 

Each child will have his own specific place in the room. This will make him feel safe in finding his own corner but will also allow him to know who sleeps next to him.

As the babies grow they will switch to a small bed and will learn to wake up on their own and join the group without waking the other children up.

We ask the parents to bring a personal object (security blanket, pacifier, stuffed animal..) which will remain accessible at all times. We think that it is very important that the child can find his own security blanket to fall asleep: it gives him security and thereby finds an object which comes from home.

While the child falls asleep an adult will remain close to the child to talk to him and reassuring him before putting him to sleep (soft music, comforting words..).

The adult remains close to the children to anticipate any anguish which can arise during the process of going to sleep, because this moment can be a moment of separation.