Life within a group requires that the child be capable of waiting, sharing toys and sharing the adult. This may often be problematic and may become source of conflicts. Without pushing back the adult may verbalize and will do all he can to listen to the child’s demands of affection and attention.

Socialization means learning how to live in a community, with its laws and rules: respect for the other, relating to the other, learning small words of with each other, share the meals, respect the other’s sleep, lend one’s toys, play together and also accept that other children may want to be left alone to play. This is not always obvious and may lead to small harms (scratches, bites…). The adult is there to understand and help the child to learn these steps while in the child care center. This is why, to avoid such problems, we will try to work in small groups: this also allows the adult to pay more attention and share these learning situations in good conditions.

The activities are variated and touch different dimensions: of movement, of the senses and of expression…while allowing the child to fullfill himself. The educator will lead all these activities but all supervision will leave enough space for the carrying out of the activity. There are complementary competences within the team but each member can maintain his own specificity while participating in each activity.