The activities

German lessons

Will be held every Tuesday and Thursday morning by Julia, the German teacher of the bilingual group "les marcheurs".
It is an introduction into the German language with songs, activities, German books, games and plays.

Cooking and baking

Once in a month the children become bakers and cooks. It is a very good experience for the child to touch, prepare, smell, taste and get to know the kitchen utensils.




Yoga for kids

Yoga helps children to perceive their body, to develop presence to themselves and to the others. It develops the relaxation, the mindfulness and the concentration. The children discover their capabilities and their potential. The kids like to play, to move like animals, to sing and to listen to imaginary stories.

Art for kids

During these workshops the children learn different techniques and use various tools in order to create work of art out of all kinds of material. Capability of expression and sensibility for art are stimulated. The children create their personal collage and book with graphic tools, printed on paper and cloth.